SAN ANTONIO, TX – An attempted robbery at a Kay Jeweler has left one dead and multiple bystanders injured at Rolling Oaks Mall on Sunday.

Two individuals attempted to rob a jewelry store and fled when it was foiled.  During their attempted exit they encountered two gentlemen who stepped in to stop them. One of the men was shot and killed by the criminal, the other civilian was a concealed carry permit holder and shot one of the villains, wounding him

After the confrontation the other thief began firing and fleeing the mall shooting and inuring one man and a woman.

Police Chief William McManus called the fatal shooting “absolutely senseless” accoring to ABC News.

The McManus says police are looking for the robber who made off from the scene.  “We searched the mall and we feel as confident as we can feel that the suspect is not in there,” McManus said.

The injured lawbreaker, along with the man and woman who were shot were taken to the hospital.  Two other women were also rushed to the hospital – one suffering from chest pains, the other a pregnant and experiencing labor pains.

More will be updated as information is available.

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