An 11-year old called into The Breakdown and stunned the hosts with her understanding of Gospel application.

Recently my daughter wrote this opinion piece which was published on The Breakdown website.  It had quite a few views/reads and was received well.

During a recent broadcast of the show, I began telling the story of why she wrote it, how it was developed, our conversation during the editing process, and then finished up by reading the article on-air.

Much to my surprise, she called in to the show to explain why she wrote it.  Now, I know my kid; she can talk.  However, how she was going to respond to being on the Least Listened to Talk Show in all of America, was yet to be determined.

What resulted was, to say the least…unreal.  She took the reigns, explained why she thinks the way she does, why she wrote the piece and laid down some great advice for kids out there.

Not only did she give solid, Biblical advice on abstaining from certain habits, but she encouraged children to listen to their parents – to the Glory of God.

It’s a great call, and I am a proud father to hear my daughter speak of a desire to follow Christ.  Praise Him for His goodness and mercy.

Soli Deo Gloria

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