If there’s any question about whether an unborn child is a human being worthy of legal protection, abortion survivors erase any doubt. When a baby survives an abortion, the survival is further proof of the humanity of the unborn child who is the subject of the “medical procedure” done specifically to terminate their life.

 Melissa Ohden is one such survivor. The LifeNews writer had written and spoken out extensively on her survival, her earth-shattering story and how she eventually met her birthmother. In Ireland to support pro-life efforts to keep the nation protecting babies before birth, Ohden shared more about that experience of meeting her mother, saying the healing and reconciliation was “better than anything I ever expected:”

Melissa explained: “My biological mother was 19 years old, a university student, wasn’t married to my biological father but was engaged to be married”.

Her mother hid the pregnancy for many months. However Melissa says that when her family found out her mother was pregnant, “an abortion was forced upon her”.

It is not entirely clear how far the pregnancy had progressed when the procedure was carried out.

“In my medical records, it states that the abortionist believed she was around 20 weeks pregnant with me,” Melissa told Pat. “But in my medical records after I survived, one of the first notations by a doctor was that I looked like I was around 31 weeks gestational age”.

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