It’s no new story that Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has had his troubles. His latest arrest came during the early morning January 3rd. The story was that the Bengals “team captain” was banging on hotel glass doors and eventually poked a security guard in the eye, and finally accused of kicking and head butting an officer while resisting arrest. 

TMZ has released video of Pacman following the arrest where he shouts a few explicits toward the officer… I won’t spoil it for you. But keep in mind, this is *NSFW* and contains bad language. 

This is my last straw. I pulled for the guy. I rooted for him, I wanted him so bad to turn his life around, and at times it seemed he did. He played like a top corner last season and earned a 3year/22million dollar contract. 

Following his latest stunt of disrespecting law enforcement, and given the fact he is a ‘team captain.’ I believe now more than ever, it is time to move on from Adam Jones.

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