Explorers in Peru have discovered what they claim to be an alien hand.

The southern desert in Peru is receiving international attention after paranormal researchers shocked the world with the apparent discovery of an alien hand.

What makes the story even more strange is its discovery with what some have called a “mummified alien skull“.

Oddities of this hand included the presence of humanoid-like fingernails, some sort of metal rings, porous bones and six bones in each finger (humans possess only three bones in each finger).

Author and researcher, Brien Foerster of Hidden Inca Tours has a knack for obtaining peculiar relics since he leads tours and investigations in Peru.  A group of explorers provided this unusual specimen following its discovery.

After his x-rays and examination, he believes this to be from a real creature and has commented** that “It was X-rayed and examined by physicians here in Cusco who stated that it clearly was not a human, but was a life form of some kind.”

These types of artifacts are difficult for some to accept outright since hoaxes are perpetrated on the public in mass quantities.  It is wise that those zealous in their desire for empirical proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life exercise discretion in their acceptance of this at face value.

DNA tests have been requested to obtain a clearer understanding with respect to the discovery as well as radiocarbon.

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