Brien Foerster has been given some amazing objet d’art by explorers in Peru.  What is believed to be a mummified alien skull and a humanoid corpse came into the possession of Forester who intends to have DNA and radiocarbon tests done to determine the actual origin.

No stranger to controversy, Mr. Foerster has been under fire before.  His previous work purportedly shows that elongated skulls do not possess human DNA.

Mr. Foerster gives information regarding the skull in an article here.  Some of his observations point out that the underside of the skull indicates the artifact is bone, and still has a stiff, grey, skin like material attached to it.  The elongation of the skull is also of import.

Though the possibility the specimen is a fake, Mr. Foerster notes that he finds it unlikely.

Though easy to state that it is a complex fake, the caretaker and those that presumably found it, along with other specimens have no access to artisans or taxidermists that could have made them

Many await to exciting results which may create more questions than they answer.

These types of artifacts are difficult for some to accept outright since hoaxes are perpetrated on the public in mass quantities.  It is wise that those zealous in their desire for empirical proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life exercise discretion in their acceptance of this at face value.

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