Tempe, AZ – Apologia Church Launches Anti-Abortion Website with goal to End Abortion Now and a wonderful opportunity for a matched contribution offer up to $125,000.00.

Jeff Durbin, pastor of Apologia Church and host of Apologia Radio, has been working against the abortion mills in Arizona along with church for some years now.  The fight against the murder of unborn children has now been pushed into a high gear.

“Three years ago, Apologia Church wasn’t actually on the front lines in the fight against abortion in our nation,” Pastor Durbin begins.  “God gave us the opportunity to do so and since that time, God has used Apologia Church to save over 60 babies from death at the local abortion mills.”

Not only has God used the ministry to save these children locally, but He has used Apologia’s obedience to inspire the inception of 20 ministries in the nation working in their own communities to prevent the murder of unborn children.

With a battle plan in mind but not enough resources, a Christian donor has stepped up to rapidly expand the abortion ministry with a contribution matching plan up to $125,000.00.

“That would give us a quarter of a million dollars to build the infrastructure we need to mobilize Christians across the country…to engage in an all out media assault to change people’s heart and minds through the Gospel,” explains Durbin.

What will be done with the money?  According to the End Abortion Now website:


We’re going to build a national movement made up of local churches across the country. We’re going to teach Christians how to do ministry outside of abortion clinics. We are going to be holding a national conference in order to teach and equip pastors and church leaders to start their own abortion ministries locally as well as how to mobilize and partner with other churches nearby Oh and by the way, we’re buying a bunch of pastor’s plane tickets so they can join us, too.


We’re creating a revolutionary media infrastructure, that will produce content from a Christian worldview. This new media platform will inform and connect people around the world, broadcast live news programming, provide sharp and cutting commentary from a Christian worldview, and will finally allow a consistent and uncompromising Biblical worldview to bring the truth about abortion into the mainstream conversation. We want to flood the internet with content that engages with the Gospel in such a way that it changes the conversation.


With Gospel centered media educating the nation, and the local churches equipped and ready to fight with a consistent Christian position, we’ll move towards applying pressure on local, state and federal governments to finally, once and for all, End abortion now.

For more information, go to the End Abortion Now website, Apologia’s Facebook page, and be sure to listen to Apologia Radio and TV.

Abortion is our Holocaust and it must be stopped according to the God’s command – and this is the churches opportunity to make great strides towards that.

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