By: Aaron Barker, Editor That’s Large

Irving, TX – An injunction obtained exclusively by The Breakdown has revealed that Benny Hinn’s hair has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump’s hair-do.

It reads in part:

Pursuant to Rule OU812 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and in accordance with the Court’s contemporaneously filed orders, the Court thereby enters judgement for Plaintiff against Defendant for infringement of U.S. Patent No. 628,585,589,657,359,124,561,125, claims 1,6,5,9,4, and 42(“the Infringed Claims”) by Defendants’ following Hair Style (collectively “Infringement Products”).

“This is ludicrous,” claims the famed coiffure of Mr. Trump.  “We’ve been in the public eye branding this style for a long time and it’s all ours.  Don’t get me wrong; Benny Hinn has great hair.  It’s really great.  It’s fantastic, his hair.  We have the market on it.”

Hinn’s mane disagrees.  “The Lord has blessed these locks and has used them to generate much income for me.”

Hairstyles around the globe are growing increasingly concerned over the potential of losing their own style.

Some citizens locks have picketed outside of Trump Plaza with signs that read “Trump Copped the Mop!”

“We only want justice for humanity’s headdress,” Hinn’s bouffant opined.  “The scriptures have a message for Mr. Trump – “Top knot – COME DOWN!” (Matthew 24:17).

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