(ANSWERS IN GENESIS) On Friday, April 21, 2017, Netflix launched all 13 episodes of the new original series Bill Nye Saves the World, starring, of course, the bow-tied Bill Nye. Nye is known for his popular 1990’s children’s TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy, and this new show appears to be aimed at those kids who are now Millennials and grew up watching his show.

A Talk Show for Science?

Bill Nye Saves the World seems to be styled after a late-night talk show and features a high-quality stage, including a lab for Nye to demonstrate various simple science experiments. On each episode a different “expert panel” of scientists, journalists, authors, or others (such as a farmer and an astrologer) joins Nye in a discussion of the topic at hand. During the show, Nye played videos that were filmed by several correspondents around the world, in places such as India, Venice, and NASA.

Despite being aimed at adults, many episodes contain segments that come across as rather childish with cheesy (and often inappropriate) songs, skits, and demonstrations performed by various special guests including athletes, comedians, actors, and others. The show contains a good deal of crude humor and various vulgarities, including taking God’s name in vain. This is certainly not a children’s show, nor is it intended to be (Netflix rated the show TV-14).


It’s styled as a talk show for science that intends to debunk popular misconceptions and explore various issues from a scientific perspective. Some episodes accomplish this better than others. Rather than presenting a scientific critique of the issue at hand, certain episodes rely on sarcasm and the degradation of those who disagree. The show is not purely about science—in many ways it pushes a particular interpretation of the evidence and a secular, skeptical worldview.

Sorry, Bill, Science Won’t Save the World

The overarching theme of all 13 episodes was “trust science.” Nye frequently declares, “We might even, dare I say it, save the world?” His show attempts to foster a blind faith in science as the only force that can save the world. And what does Nye mean by “save the world”? It seems he means save the world from humans destroying it via man-made climate change, and save humanity from many of our problems such as disease, violence, infertility, and population growth.

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