In the ever increasing effort to garner as much attention and readership as possible, The Breakdown has expanded our reach into the wonderful, Wide World of Sports.

To help us with this, Coltin Shafer will be joining us here at

Coltin Shafer and Carlee

Coltin Shafer and girlfriend Carlee offering the best in high-quality sports reporting.

Being passionate about baseball, basketball and football has driven him to pursue a sports journalism degree.  “I would love to eventually become a beat writer for a local team,” says Shafer.  “The Reds, Bengals…University of Kentucky.”

In addition, Coltin will provide on-air analysis of upcoming sports events of import on The Breakdown Radio program.

Shafer’s addition to the Breakdradio team helps to advance the overall goal of the brand.

“Our true desire is to be a Christian worldview media outlet where people can go for all the information they need on a daily basis,” remarks Aaron Barker, founder and host of The Breakdown Radio program.

Everyone played little league baseball.

Everyone played little league baseball.

“There seems to be a stigma when it comes to Christian news, broadcasting, television programming; really any multimedia outlet,” continues Barker.  “We want to show that high quality entertainment from a wide range of topics can be presented from a Christian worldview without selling out to typical media tactics.”

Among these “typical, media tactics” are using salacious advertising or programming to garner attention.

“The addition of Coltin as our Chief Sports Analyst/Journalist is one step closer to taking back out culture for Christ and giving the public a great place to discuss, read, learn, and grow on a wide variety of topics,” says Barker.

The Breakdown Radio program and are focused on providing a place for all to come and learn about a wide variety of topics without fear of inappropriate discussion or banter.

Be sure to listen to the live broadcast of The Breakdown Thursdays starting at 6 p.m. EST.

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