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Below you will find show notes to all three hours from The Breakdown broadcast on 1.17.17. Feel free to like, share and comment!

Hour 1 – The guys discuss the artist performing at the inauguration of Donald J. Trump.  Never-Trumpers have made loving and tolerant death threats to some some artists who were invited to perform.  Others, like Toby Keith, don’t really care if others dislike his participation.  Somehow, a seque into a discussion on how to treat false teachers ensues.  It’s a lively one, too!  Share your thoughts on where you fall on the argument in the comments section below.

Hour 2 – An abortion clinic has been stopped in the Commonwealth of Kentucky leaving only one fully operational.  This is great news!  Yet there is much to be done on the abortion front.  What are some of the odd and ironic arguments for abortion?  Also, Aaron discusses a movie Maffa 21 which details the genocide of black citizens worldwide which is why Planned Parenthood was started.  Aaron goes off on a rant about the Great Luceferian Conspiracy, the Federal Reserve, one world government, and ten conspiracy truths that turned out to be right.  All this and more!

Hour 3 – The guys cover an update on Professor Horner’s Bible System and Aaron get’s grilled since he’s a little behind.  Did Aaron repost a story on the Facebook page just to get back at Bryan?  We may never know.  Bryan reveals the weirdest names he wants for his kid’s.  All we can do is pray for his future wife and future children.  Lyrics are making us dumber as a nation and preventing us from comprehending harder concepts.  What has Obama done for the nation?  He most certainly hasn’t left us with a stronger moral road map than when he came into office.  Listen, like and share!

Add a dash of politics a pinch of sarcasm and a heaping help of the Gospel stir serve cold and that is The Breakdown.

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