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Below you will find show notes to all three hours from The Breakdown broadcast on 1.17.17. Feel free to like, share and comment!

Hour 1 – Bryan is giving himself some great self-esteem boosts by “Yay-ing” his own intro.  The liberal, MSM continues to argue against the crowds at the inauguration despite obvious truth.  Overall, Trump supporters or conservatives in general are treated with harsh attitude and disrespect.  Aaron and Bryan break down portions of the inauguration speech and discuss the impact it will have on the country going forward.  We must all stay awake, regardless of our candidate being elected.

Hour 2 – A little bit of NASCAR to start out your Breakdown on this hour, but not enough!  What is up with all of these supposed comedians calling out Barron Trump?  There is nothing off limits to liberals who wish to hurt others.  Aaron recounts a conversation he had with his family about television programs and how they are changing the roles of the family, marriage, motherhood, femininity, and child rearing.  What does the CIA and the Illuminati have to do with it?  It is contrary to the Gospel and must be met with the word of God and His glory.

Hour 3 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had some amazing things to say throughout his life.  Some of those things the government really wishes you would forget.  The guys cover an update on Professor Horner’s Bible System and Aaron get’s grilled – again – since he’s a little behind…again.  Which Bible is best to use?  Who were the copyists?  What do all of these manuscripts say about the Bible today?  Why do I keep asking all of these questions?  Find out the answers and more on The Breakdown.

Add a dash of politics a pinch of sarcasm and a heaping help of the Gospel; stir and serve cold. That is The Breakdown.

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