Breaking Down How Cell Phones Killed the Signs and Wonders Movement
The Breakdown – This is the first official, two-part episode.  That is correct – an unplanned multi-part extravaganza discussing one of the guy’s favorite topics:  signs, wonders, and spiritual gifts.  Consider this:  has the rise of cell phone cameras ended the signs and wonders movement?  The guys discuss how the claims of many false teachers could easily be proven if someone would simply record someone being raised from the dead, had a leg grow back, etc.  But alas, it has never truly been done which makes one scratch one’s head.  This and so much more were too much to be crammed into one episode – so you’re getting two!  Aaron works through a paper by Bruce Konold which can be obtained here.  Yell at the radio, send a comment on Facebook, Tweet a compliment – but be sure to Like, Comment and Share!

Add a dash of politics, a pinch of sarcasm and a heaping help of the Gospel; stir and serve cold. That is The Breakdown.

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