CALIFORNIA – The recent clown scare across the country has caused quite a bit of stir.  Bryan the Producer had his own run in with one locally; you can listen to that story here.

Clowns are creeping up all around the country and copy cat pranksters are using it to garner some chuckles.

But not everyone thinks it’s funny.

Sadiq Mohammad, 20, is one such copy-cat.  Recently, he dressed up as a clown and began scaring people all over Stockton, CA for his website.

In the video, you can see him doing an unfunny prank at a Taco Bell, chasing a child down the street, and chasing grown men with a saw – all while dressed as a clown.  Notice when those guys run away, he pockets the money they left while playing a game.

But it appears he gets his come-uppins when he approaches a gentleman who is less than happy that this guy is prancing about dressed as a Killer Clown from Outer Space.  The event happens towards the end of the video.

Terrorizing children.  Chasing men off and stealing their money.  Perhaps he needed a good old fashioned scare.

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