October 4, 2016 – The Breakdown –Blue Lives Matter has taken CNN to task over their choice to air selectively edited video footage of Keith Scott’s fatal shooting.

Rakeyia Scott, Keith Scott’s widow, recorded the incident on her cell phone which CNN aired. According to Blue Lives Matters the audio includes police officers telling Mr. Scott more than ten times to drop his gun. However, CNN began playing from the point at which Mrs. Scott stated her husband unarmed.

From Blue Lives Matter:

In the actual shooting video, officers gave Keith Scott every chance to drop his gun and surrender. Throughout the video leading up to the shooting, the police officers loudly ordered Scott over 10 times to drop his gun. Scott refused those orders and he instead advanced on officers. The video left many speculating that Scott was intending to commit suicide by cop.

In the Keith Scott shooting video aired by CNN, they edited out the parts where the officers were ordering Scott to drop his gun.

In the video aired by CNN, they showed Scott’s wife, Rakeyia Scott, telling the police that he had no weapon. The edited video then cut to the officers shooting Keith Scott. The intent appears clear. CNN wanted their viewers to think that Scott was unarmed, so they scrubbed out any indication that he may have had a gun. In doing so, CNN inflamed the hatred for police officers and directly contributed to the violence and destruction in the Charlotte riots.

You can see the unedited video here:

A stolen weapon, said to be in the possession of Mr. Scott, was retrieved from the scene of the shooting.

Read more about CNN’s unethical editing practices from Blue Lives Matter.

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