People handle loss differently.  Some cry.  Some droop their shoulders.  Some riot, while others need pizza, hot chocolate and a day off.

It’s hard to watch this, but even harder to realize that it isn’t a comedy skit.  Some needs to tell these kids that they lost and to get over it.

From Fox & Friends:

One young lady of Facebook had this to say:

Here’s the result of coddling your children. The result of giving trophies to both the winners and losers. The result of giving participation awards because you showed up. These college-aged ADULTS can’t handle losing. They’ve never been taught they don’t always get their way. They don’t always win and get candy at the end. Now the coddling is extended into our college classrooms??? Good grief people, they need to understand how the real world operates. You win some, you lose some. Life is hard. Life is painful at times. I genuinely feel afraid for them because they’ve not been taught how to manage through tough situations, but instead given a trophy, an award, candy when they don’t get their way. Oh wait, it was pizza, hot chocolate and a day off.

It is hard to think that one day, these kids will be our presidents, secretaries of state, solider’s and military leaders.  They will stand against men like Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedung, Kim Jung-Un, and Saddam Hussein.  We need to start praying for our country earnestly and keep these kid’s broken wittle hearts there, too.

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