Parents Cursed and Tormented Their Children for Monetary Gain on YouTube

Image: Baltimore Sun

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(Christian News) IJAMSVILLE, Md. — A controversial Maryland couple that had been investigated by authorities following outcry from viewers of their “DaddyOFive” YouTube channel, in which they cursed at and tormented their children to a point of tears, has been sentenced to five years probation for child neglect.

According to reports, Michael and Heather Martin of Ijamsville were first investigated in April after “various sources” contacted the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office to express concern about their YouTube videos.

The more than 300 videos, while being characterized as “pranks,” at times showed various shock material, from the Martins screaming profanities at their children, to breaking their toys, to blaming the children for something they staged themselves, to Michael Martin giving his son a bloody nose by shoving him into a bookshelf, to instructing one of the boys to slap his sister in the face as a “game.”

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