Polls are showing that the country is optomistic but divided regarding President Trump

A recent Fox News Poll shows that Trump may be facing an uphill battle for unity, despite his constant calls for such during the campaign.

According to analysis of the poll, Fox News Reports:

…only one-third of voters describe the national mood as “we’re all in this together.” Nearly twice as many feel like it’s everyone for themselves.  And half say they’re tired of politics and “want it to go away.”

Voters also split over whether opportunities in the country favor “other people” or people like them.

Still, two-thirds feel optimistic about the economy (66 percent).  In a rare instance of unity, majorities of independents (61 percent), Democrats (64 percent), and Republicans (72 percent) share this sunny outlook.

The poll also shows that voters credit Trump for the recent rise in the stock market at 23 percent more than outgoing former president, Barack Obama with 13 percent.  To be fair, 56-percent feel it is the regular stock market fluctuations.

During Trump’s campaign, one of his top priorities was the economy and creation of jobs.  Half of the nation are holding him to the fire as 46-percent say that it is “extremely” important for him to focus on this specific area.  Following behind this desire is terrorism, 44-percent, health care, 43-percent, and government spending with 38-percent.

Surprisingly, the SCOTUS and immigration fall to 33 and 27, respectively and building a wall between U.S.-Mexico border is only 13-percent.

But does Trump listen?

y a 50-40 percent margin, voters say Trump’s doing a bad job of listening to people like them, and a 54-percent majority disapproves of how he’s handling the presidential transition.  Thirty-seven percent approves, with the most enthusiasm coming from Republicans (73 percent), white evangelical Christians (64 percent), conservatives (63 percent), and whites without a college degree (52 percent).

Views on Trump as a person are similar, as 42 percent of voters have a favorable opinion (21 percent strongly), and 55 percent unfavorable (44 percent strongly).  That’s a net negative of 13 points.

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