By: Dr. Joel McDurmon

You’ll find this Declaration of Independence to be modeled almost exactly upon the original, only in plain speech. And despite being modeled upon the original, you’ll find that the original facts, ideas, and grievances almost all fit directly to our own time with startling accuracy. What of the original conclusions, then? You decide.

Declaration of Independence

July 4, 2015

Sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do: get rid of the current government you’re under, and form a new one. It’s our natural and God-given right to do so. When we exercise it, however, we should at least have the common courtesy to tell everyone else why. So here goes:

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out 1) that God created all men equal and with some rights that can’t be taken away by anyone. These include the rights to live, to be free, and to do what they want with their own lives; 2) That to protect these rights, we form governments that have the consent of the people that have to live under them; and 3) That whenever any government quits protecting these rights, the people have further the right to get rid of that government and form a new one that will protect their rights and their happiness.

Now, it’s not smart just to go changing governments for every little thing, especially when the one you already have has been around for so long. People usually put up with as much nonsense as we can before we go through the trouble of uprooting everything and starting over. But when the government keeps obviously abusing and taking away our rights, and following an obvious agenda that looks like it will lead to a dictatorship, we not only have the right, but the duty, to get rid of that government and form one that will actually secure our rights into the future.

We have suffered like this long enough. It is now necessary to change our government. The establishment has done nothing but repeatedly violate our rights and take away our freedoms, and it’s obviously on its way to a tyranny over the states and people. Just consider some of the things we have had to put up with under this government:

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