Every election cycle, celebrities flap their yaps about leaving the U.S. if a conservative wins.  You’ll notice that conservatives don’t do this because we would like to stay in and fight for our great country.

Since most of these promises go totally unfulfilled and unchallenged (unfortunately) we see the same elite folks making the same broken promises every year.

Well, Jeff Brucculeri, a local traffic reporter in Tulsa, thought that the ones not keeping their word simply needed a point in the right direction.

These folks won’t leave, though.  They will stay in our country and cause division by refusing to accept Trump as their president all the while leading away the masses who are too lazy or incompetent to think on their own.

The many young and influential voters will be impacted by the rich Hollywood stars who say that it’s good to give all of our money to the government and not have personal freedoms.  We are in total gratitude to the good Lord in heaven that this election cycle was met with a resounding semblance of intelligence and American voted for the better party to lead us through.

Don’t fall asleep, though.  Stay awake from now and and seek out those representatives in your state from whom you voted and hold them to their promises.  If they are democrats, push them as far right as possible.  Have courage and be bold – we are on the winning side of this battle so there is no reason to be afraid of those who wish to laugh at you or your convictions.

Be active in your local associations, PTA’s, city councils, and as always – your church.  Take the Gospel with you because that is the power of God unto salvation – Romans 1:16.

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