Carol Everett was the owner of two abortion clinics and the director of four. She has since become pro-life and now shares her story to further the pro-life movement.

Everett’s association with the abortion industry began in 1973, after her husband and physician pressured her to abort her third child. The mental effects of her abortion sent her life spiraling downward. She said she began drinking, had an affair, and eventually left her husband.

She then started working for a medical supply company. Through this job Everett said she saw how much money is available in the abortion business, and she began to open her own abortion clinics. She recently told Life Talk TV that she also was motivated by a need to justify her own abortion.

After leaving the abortion industry in 1983, Everett began working in pro-life groups, according to a previous LifeNews article. She did this until founding The Heidi Group in 1999, a group designed to coordinate life-affirming medical services for the women of Texas.

Everett explained the organization: “We work with anyone and anybody who contacts us. We set them up with the pregnancy center nearest them (and) we use a program tailored to that individual so it can be very different.”

Because of her unique experiences within both the abortion business and the pro-life movement, Everett is able to speak to the many facets of the movement.

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