by Ken Ham 

The evangelistic life-size Ark is opening July 7, 2016 in Northern Kentucky (south of Cincinnati)! There is much to share with you regarding how this huge project came about.

The following is an account of God’s providence and miraculous intervention. It’s absolutely amazing as you look back on AiG’s history. Yes, truly He is the “God who does wonders” (Psalm 77:14).

In 1953, when I was two years old (the same year a girl named Mally was born, who grew up to work as a bank teller and became my wife), an event occurred in Indiana. In God’s providence, it began a series of events that impacted the world in countless ways.

A hydraulics engineer, Dr. Henry Morris, had presented a paper dealing with evidence for the global Flood of Noah’s day. In the audience was the Professor of Old Testament at Grace Theological Seminary in Indiana, John Whitcomb.

The paper so motivated John Whitcomb that he spent four years writing a doctoral dissertation on Noah’s global Flood, which was completed in 1957. Dr. Morris and Dr. Whitcomb agreed to coauthor a book titled The Genesis Flood, published in 1961. In many ways, this book really started the modern biblical creationist movement—a movement to challenge the church to return to the authority of the Word of God beginning in Genesis.

In 1974, during my final year of university training to be a public school science teacher, the principal of the Teacher’s College in Brisbane, Australia (Mr. Gordon Jones) knew of my interest and burden in the topic of creation/evolution and the book of Genesis.

This intense interest was in large part due to the stand my parents took on the authority of the Word of God. My father, who was a public school principal, taught me to recognize compromise regarding God’s Word and the need to know how to answer those skeptics who would attack the Bible with their mocking questions and false claims. My godly mother also taught us God’s Word and prayed for us every day.

Gordon told me about a book on Noah’s Flood that had been published in America. I visited the Christian bookstore in Brisbane, the Gospel Book Depot, and asked about this book. The manager John Spall had a copy of The Genesis Flood and I purchased it. (I found out many years later from John’s wife that he had an intense burden from the Lord to have that book available in his store.) This book, along with some other resources I picked up, had a profound influence on my life and on the ministry God called me to.

In 1977, I met Andrew Snelling in Sydney, Australia. He was studying for his PhD in geology. Dr. Snelling started working with us in the creation ministry in Australia in 1983 and is now director of research for Answers in Genesis–US. Dr. Snelling has written the most up-to-date creationist geology books and articles available and he is overseeing the geological content for the Ark exhibits.

In 1987, Mally and I and our four children (we now have five children and fourteen grandchildren) moved to the USA to work under Dr. Henry Morris at ICR. I was there for seven years.

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