Jennifer Lawrence – the Hollywood actress who starred in The Hunger Games a dystopic film about kids killing each other to eat – skips an interview with Ryan Seacrest over accusations of sexual mistreatment.

Seacrest was accused in November of sexual misconduct by his “E! News” stylist in 2007.  They are allegations which the former American Idol host has, of course, denied and called “gut-wrenching.”  After preliminary investigations have been performed, it was found that there was no reason to pursue the misconduct.  Whether he did or did not mistreat this young lady will be determined after full investigations have been conducted and a trial has been held – as it should be.

However, this hasn’t stopped the feminist shade throwing exhibited by the five nominees for the 2018 Best Actress at the Oscars snubbing Seacrest on the red carpet.

All of this fem-Nazi estrogen has done a great job of causing moral blindness as Jennifer Lawrence found time to interview with Howard Stern in February and briefly comment on her intentions to talk to Seacrest.  After being asked by Stern regarding her the possibility, Lawrence replied that she didn’t “know about the Ryan Seacrest thing” and that she probably wouldn’t speak with him.

Read that again…slowly.

Jennifer Lawrence.  Howard Stern.

This is the same Howard Stern who constantly talks about sexually explicit topics during his radio show on Sirius XM.  This is the same Howard Stern who mocked Hispanics in the wake of Selena’s death and said that the good looking girls killed by the Columbine shooters should have been taken out with sex.  The same Howard Stern who just celebrated “C**ktober” a month-long contest where male transvestites are judged based on certain physical features.

Yes.  That Howard Stern.  One wonders just how the minds of liberals work when faced with such incongruous thinking, but alas – liberalism is a mental disorder.


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