It Must Always Be Remembered That We Are Created in the Image of God

Image: ABC News

Leah Hickman 

(Christian Headlines) – Our culture lives in a state of confusion regarding the question of human worth. We are an age scarred by suicide, abortion, euthanasia and the arguments that lure so many into agreement with these choices. In each of these issues, the inherent dignity of human life as the masterpiece of God’s creation gives way to a pragmatic and evolutionistic mentality that says lives are only worth saving if they’re convenient and if they will help advance the species.

But, when it comes to disasters like hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the questions of convenience and of the species’ advancement disappear. Few if any people seem to be asking if the lives endangered by the hurricanes are worth saving. Instead, we all want to know how we can help.

Two articles at CNN touch on the phenomenon of human kindness and generosity as shown in the wake of these horrifying natural disasters.

In an article published Monday, journalist Romina Ruiz-Goiriena describes her family’s own evacuation from their home in Florida. She writes, “We packed up two cars, three dogs, a kid, baby, and hit the road north expecting price gouging, reckless driving and mass hysteria.” Instead of chaos, however, she and her family encountered some overwhelming cases of human generosity.

One Airbnb owner that Romina contacted in her search for a place to stay told her that, even though his placed was pretty full already, he or someone he knew would be happy to take Romina and her family in. “And don’t even worry about paying,” he added. She says it was something she “never expected” to hear.

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