Jesus, Politics, And A Little Bit of Sports

Here It Goes…

In trying to escape the awkward introductory article where I’d have to explain who I was, what I do, what I plan to do.. I realized it was inevitable. So, here it goes.

My name is Coltin Shafer, and I love sports. I love talking about sports, and being able to debate about any topic. My heart lies with my local teams. If it involves the Cincinnati Reds/Bengals, or the University of Kentucky.. then it is something I am passionate about. However, that is not where my knowledge is limited.

What to Expect

My goal is to expand my knowledge in Journalism, which is much more than just jumping on a website and writing an article, then clicking the red “X” in the top right corner. I will be pursuing a Journalism degree and will use this as my platform for experience and offering those who read, top notch information the minute it becomes available. As previously stated, I DO have an enormous amount of passion for my local teams. With that being said, my knowledge expands across all teams in the MLB, NFL, NCAAB, NCAAF, and NBA. It has been my dream for years now to attend a school for Journalism, and later in life be compensated covering the sports I have been so passionate about my entire existence.

Kicking this off could not have came at a better time. Right in the thick of Championship week in CFB, and the NFL playoff picture changing week to week, the NBA off to a rapid start, and not to mention the Baseball Winter Meetings about to take place at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. It is a great time to be a Sports fan, never a dull moment around this time of year.

When to Expect It

Most of these articles will NOT be planned, since there seems to be breaking news every day in the Sports world. As far as my planned pieces go, Saturday Nights (or the day before a game)  will be for the Cincinnati Bengals Game Preview. That will be where we cover any potential game effecting news, injuries, and where I will give my “not so valuable” prediction.

Kentucky Basketball will be a much more demanding monster, as they play around 2-3 times a week; including a huge tilt with UCLA on Saturday. I will be posting quick articles with any Injury updates, key stats, and my prediction. However, when the big games start rolling around.. for example UNC (12/17) and Louisville (12/21) you can expect a more in depth piece with more information.

My Reds are off enjoying their off-season, but things are about to get interesting. The Reds are known for going into the Winter Meetings and laying down the foundation for a deal, and waiting a week or so before pulling the trigger. So that means there could be some really big news coming in just a matter of time. Baseball is the sport I’m most passionate about, so this in particular will be a lot of fun for me.

In Closing..

I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity. Big thanks to Aaron for allowing me to do this. I hope this can seriously be an outlet for someone when it comes to receiving their Sports information. I do not care if anything I post receives even a single view, I’m going to have so much fun with this.


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