Write a great song, get discovered by a big-time record company and voilà – you’re an international sensation!  This is the dream of those who want to make it in the music industry.  Some decide to take the short route, however, and go straight to the head honcho – Satan himself.  At least that seems to be what Katy Perry decided to do.

In a snippet from an interview, the modern diva gives a snapshot of her childhood.

I released a gospel record when I was 15…because I grew up in a household where all I ever did was listen to gospel music.  My parents are both traveling ministers and so, I kinda sang about what was going on in my life at 15 and that’s how I got introduced to the music industry.  Cause I swear, I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music, but it didn’t work out and so, I sold my soul to the Devil

Although this video and others with the same clip have racked up millions of views, Perry’s fans are still devoted followers with seemingly no concern that the Prince of Darkness is her producer.  Her parents have requested that fans continue to pray for the young lady and her return to the faith.

Turning back to Christ would be awesome, but based on her actions at concerts where she has mocked her Christian upbringing it’s apparent that a supernatural change of heart – which can only be done by the grace of God through Jesus- is what is required in order for her to come back to the family of Christ.


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