With Thanksgiving just a few days away it’s nice to review potential dangers and safety precautions.  Especially if you you’re deep frying a turkey and live in one of the Top 5 states with the most fowl-frying incidents.

Luckily for us this safety video includes exploding turkeys and massive fireballs.  How else are you going to get a dude to care about doing things safely?

The video includes tips for avoiding a turkey disaster”

  1. Us fryer outside away from any structures
  2. Don’t overfill pot with oil
  3. Keep oil under 350 degrees.  Thoroughly defrost turkey allowing 24 hours for every 10 pounds the turkey weighs
  4. Turn off flame before putting in turkey
  5. Keep approved grease-fire extinguisher nearby
  6. Lower turkey into pot slowly

Follow these tips, use that good ole common sense and have a save and happy Thanksgiving!

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