Houston, TX – Last week The Breakdown posted the story about a mother throws her son to the curb because he voted for Donald Trump in a mock school election.  You were asked to like, share, and pass it along.  You responded and the video hit more than 10 million views within a 24 hour period, causing a massive internet uproar.

Due to this, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office and Child Protective Services have begun an investigation into this situation.

If you remember, the video begins with the woman telling her son “Since you voted for Donald Trump, you can get s**t and get out.  The suitcase is by the door.”

Screen shot of Twitter video, @barrycunningham

Screen shot of Twitter video, @barrycunningham

The child is, understandably, shocked and begins crying uncontrollably.  The mother continues to command that he leave the home, stand on the sidewalk holding a sign which reads “My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump.”

According to KHOU-TV, detectives say the woman said she was trying to make a joke.  Detectives says as disturbing as the video is, there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing and the child appears to be in good shape.

The mother has reportedly apologized for the video, but the damage has been done.  The response to the video has prompted the Houston mother to remove her Facebook page and has cause damage to her reputation.

Regardless of whether this was a ‘joke’ or projection of anger, the real victim is an innocent child who didn’t know he was doing something wrong.  This, along with the rash of videos showing parents shaming their children, is an embarrassment to parenting.  Moreover it is disrespectful to children.  Now, before you freak out on me for saying that remember that our job as parents and as adults is to love others – including children – and properly guide them into the knowledge of the Truth:  Jesus Christ.

Publicly shaming a child for their sins says more about the one shaming than the one being shamed.

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