What you probably don’t know about Western Medicine is that infectious diseases virtually disappeared before vaccines were ever invented. Since the early 1900s, it has been a known scientific fact that an animal that survives an attack from poliomyelitis becomes resistant to subsequent infections forever. It’s also a known fact that polio is one of the least serious infectious diseases, despite the fear-mongering propaganda that suggests just the opposite.

You see, most people in history who have been infected with polio incur a mild infection lasting only a few days. Yes, there is a rare complication of the disease that can destroy motor cells in the brain and spinal cord. This is the complication that Big Pharma and the US government use to coerce people into getting vaccinated with various experimental strains of the virus that have never been proven to provide humans with lasting immunity.

In fact, the factors that actually caused the decline of polio after 1950 did not include the famous Dr. Salk “miracle” vaccine at all. The large-scale polio vaccination program was a complete and utter failure, and according to the August 1997 edition of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, more than half of children affected by poliomyelitis received three doses of the oral polio vaccine before the onset of paralysis. The truth? The true causes of the spread of Polio include pre-polio vaccines, nutritional imbalances and pesticides, all of which contribute to immune deficiency.

CDC declares useless Polio vaccine “safe, potent and efficient” while the media declare it the “greatest medical discovery of the century”

Here’s how it all went down. One year after scientists discovered they could grow the polio viruses in tissue cultures, Dr. Jonas Salk was paid by five pharma companies to brew the polio virus in monkey kidney cells and dilute them with formaldehyde. Dr. Salk and his associates isolated more than 70 different strains of the three main types of polio, Brunhilde, Lansing and Leon. Salk then mixed the three different strains of the virus together, which by the way is very dangerous and unpredictable, and injected it into live monkeys, rabbits and mice. No human beings were ever tested.

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