In a horrible display of human indecency, progressives lit up social media after First Lady Melania Trump opened her husbands recent rally Saturday in Florida.

The crowd was excited that she did this and was respectful during her recitation.

You would think that the wonderfully tolerant progressives would be happy to accept the diversity presented – as it was spoken in front of the “Blacks for Trump” supporters behind the podium.  After all, she is the first FLOTUS who is an immigrant.

In the famous words of Michael Squints Palledorous – “If you were thinkin’ you wouldn’t have thought that.”

Everything from her accent to her ethnicity to her reading abilities were mocked.  Check out some of the love the left tweeted:

It is amazing that the left can get away with chanting “I am Muslim” but cray foul of “Church and State” when Melania opens with this sacred prayer from Jesus Christ.

The left will stop at nothing to destroy the character of the Trump’s and will do all in their power to show hatred towards Jesus.  Let’s continue to pray for them.

Do you support Melania Trump’s reciting the Lord’s Prayer?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments section and on The Breakdown’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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