In a daring move, the Least Listened to Talk Show in all of America – The Breakdown with Aaron Barker – has now opened up a last ditch effort for quality content.

“Well, the hardest part about hard work is that it’s hard,” says the host, Aaron Barker.  “But, if I can find enough people with great sermon illustrations, anecdotes, or silly stories to mock – I can spend more time being lazy and not doing anything until it’s time to broadcast.”

Although the program was launched in February 2016 and has multiple programs yet to be listened to by even the hosts own family, soliciting “listener” participation seems like a good idea.

“The great thing about having your own show is never having to answer to anyone about how good of a job you are doing,” the host continues.  “It’s almost like talking to my wife when the show is live – only the microphone doesn’t fall asleep.”

Barker says that the best way to engage listeners is to make them realize they have a say in what is reported.

The Breakdown is accepting content submissions under the following criteria:

  1. Great sermons/articles/stories that have made a lasting impact on your life
  2. Poor sermons that blew your mind with how bad they really were
  3. Questionable sermons/stories/anecdotes that just don’t seem right
  4. Anything else that can be turned into show content and take up some time

These and any other show submissions can be sent to or submitted via Facebook or Twitter.

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