Saeed Abedini, the minister held in an Iranian prison has been sentenced in Boise for violating a restraining order placed by his wife, Naghmeh.  Although no jail time is involved, he will be required to work four days of community service or with a sheriff’s office work crew, reports the Idaho Stream.

Abedini grew up in Iran and was raised as a Muslim, but converted to Oneness Pentecostalism in 2000.  He and Naghmeh came to the U.S. in 2005 and became a U.S.-Iranian citizen in 2010, reports the Stream.

Saeed operated covertly in Iran setting up underground house churches but was detained by the Iranian government for a short period of time in 2009 and agreed to cease all proselytizing activities.  His travel plans afterward focused on building an orphanage in his home country.

2012 would be the year in which Abedini was detained for a prolonged period of time on charges of evangelizing and sentenced to eight years in prison.  Accusations against Iran followed that the minister was being held simply because he was a “Christian.”

Naghmeh advocated tirelessly for her husbands release even petitioning then President Obama for his help in reaching out to the Iranian government to negotiate.  During a trip to Boise in 2015, Obama met with her and promised his assistance in retrieving Saeed.

She was also able to secure the help of Rev. Franklin Graham whose voice was heard by many.

Throughout this process, Naghmeh revealed that she had suffered abuse during the marriage but Saeed strongly denies any allegations of abuse but admitted struggling through marriage difficulties.

Five days after his release from prison and the day he arrived back in Boise, Mrs. Abedini filed for legal seperation.

Unfortunately, there is a divorce pending.  Please pray for reconciliation and salvation for those who are involved.

Although differences in theology may exist, the prayers for this family are necessary as God hates divorce and there are children involved.

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