Joe Scarborough captures how America feels about Hillary Clinton and the left’s hypocrisy over 2016 election recount efforts.

We are confounded daily by the absolute hypocrisy from the left, progressive, atheistic, liberals.  To be honest, we really shouldn’t be since it is a consistent orchestra of out-of-tune shrieking and crying.

If you’ll recall, during the last debate Donald Trump said, “I will look at it at the time. I’m not looking at it now. What I’ve seen is so bad.”  The darling of the left, Hillary Clinton replied with the statement, “that’s horrifying.”

Horrifying, she said.  A direct threat to our democracy, she said.  A tradition of peaceful transition of power, she said.

Now, she’s singing a different tune and it’s a hard one for the left to defend as she enters into the recount efforts against him.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has the response everyone of has as the left scurries to justify what can only be described as a double-standard.

It’s hard to determine what makes me happier while watching this:  the fact that Scarborough gives it to the left with a great synopsis of the issue, or is it the fact that Mika Brzezinski tries to shut him up and holds her ear?

If it is at all possible for the spineless, subversive, progressives to think clearly for just one moment – you would think that time would be now.

The whole nation can easily show just how hypocritical they are but sticking to their story is more important than what is best for this great nation.

If you believe it’s time to stop the left’s hypocrisy and hold them to an intelligent and patriotic standard – share on your favorite social media platform.

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