The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Secret Service is aware of washed-up-has-been-former-pop-star Madonna’s comment about blowing up the White House.

Madonna appeared at the Women’s March in Washington this past Saturday and gave a vulgar speech feigning an understanding of true feminism.

During the speech, the former star said:

I’m angry.  Yes!  I am outraged.  Yes!  I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.  But I know that this won’t change anything.

Mixed responses such as cackling, laughing, and shock were heard throughout the crowd.

Oddly enough, Madonna finishes her speech by inciting the crowd to chant “We choose love!”

The spokesman who who informed the Pundit about this said and investigation will follow the statement, however the decision about prosecution ultimately rests with the U.S. Attorney General.

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