From the Soapbox – Not only did Donald Trump win the presidency in the wee early morning hours of November 9th, 2016 – but he won decisively.  So decisively that Hillary had to call and congratulate him on his victory without addressing her supporters.

It was a slow, painful ride for the Clinton campaign and the adherents to progressivism; one which was not expected.

Not predicted.

Unheard of.

And the tears prove this out.  Watch below as the realization of Hillary’s failure begins to impact her followers.

One wonders, however, what they are crying about:

  1. The babies who could be saved?
  2. The free college that’s out the window?
  3. The email scandals?
  4. The Clinton Death Toll?
  5. The coal plants that will be saved?

We may never know.  But each tear they shed is a babies life saved.

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