‘Suck it Up, Buttercup’ Law is gaining traction among American conservatives.

It has been just over a week since the United States of America voted for Donald J. Trump as their new president.  Since this time, some college students have felt sad, terrified, and depressed because their party lost a fair election.

So horrible has been their plight that centers of higher education have been cancelling mid-terms, offering “cry-ins”, free hot chocolate, pizza, days off, and therapy dogs.  Yes – some of these kids are the future of our political system.

Some High Schools staged walkouts.  Think about how many of these kids actually care?  How many guys walked out of the school simply because the girl they think is hot walked out too?

Just when we thought that there was no answer to illogical reasoning of young Liberals, enter Bobby Kaufmann from the Iowa State House.

From The Blaze:

Speaking with WHO Radio’s Simon Conway, Kaufman explained his plan to co-sponsor the “Suck It Up, Buttercup” Bill. The proposed legislation would identify the monies spent by state schools on activities deemed to be a waste of money. The state would then penalize those schools by cutting triple the amount of money wasted from the 2017 budget.

Calling the school’s actions “absolutely asinine,” Kaufman vowed, “I’m gonna find out exactly how many taxpayer dollars are being used for these cry zones and for all these different safe zones (so) you can talk about your feelings. And I’m gonna take whatever that number is and we’re gonna triple it and cut it from the university budget.”

During the interview, Kauffman was obviously as annoyed as the rest of America is and said it’s almost as if he’s telling a joke.

This type of legislation is desperately needed for complete education reform to ensure that college kids are taught how to think, not that they all deserve to win.

Listen below to the clip from The Blaze Radio.

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