Everywhere – The Breakdown radio program has become an official “podcaster” as Apple has approved the show for its startup podcasting network “iTunes.”


“We are extremely excited that the Breakdown has been chosen to help a newcomer to podcasting like iTunes,” says Aaron Barker, the host of The Breakdown radio program.  “We’re hopeful that the influence The Breakdown has will help with pushing iTunes to the forefront of digital talk radio programs.”

It has been rumored that iTunes is attempting to make a foray into music distribution but some are skeptical.

“I still like audio cassettes,” said Sam Noman.  “There’s just something about being able to hold the music in your hands.  I mean, once you put music on the computer-thingy, what’s next?  Books on your PC?  No thanks.”

The Breakdown is a fast paced, dynamic talk radio show that is full of life – Eternal Life, that is – because The Breakdown is all about proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and His power to save us sinners.

Listeners enjoy the topical discussions and the dynamic style of Aaron Barker as he seeks to provoke everyone – Christian and non-Christian alike – to challenge societal norms and think through tough issues that are seen in the world.

Aaron isn’t just a talking head, though – he takes your calls live on air and fields some of the most difficult topics in modern evangelicalism.

Theology is a best friend here and the Bible is the centerpiece of all discussions.

If you would like to learn the art of annoying friends and alienating people – you’ve come to the right place.

Family friendly; fun; energetic; humorous; provocative; always Biblical, and always focused on the Gospel, The Breakdown with Aaron Barker a force to be reckoned with in talk radio.

Break your conditioning. Seek truth…John 8:32.

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