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(The Breakdown) – Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc over Southeastern Texas and has made it’s way into Louisiana.  Thousands still need to be rescued and countless are without homes.  This is the perfect time for those who preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to step up and do something.

Unless you’re Joel Osteen.

Joel and his like-minded purveyors of the damnable so-called “Prosperity Gospel” heresy don’t follow the true Jesus and therefore cannot do any good works.  This weekend and the debacle following Lakewood Church’s slow opening to help flood victims is great proof of this.

Some will decry that statement and provide pictures, defenses and Tweets in an attempt to soften the blow of Lakewood’s lack of urgency.  We will also be accused of pushing fake news since there was really no proof that the church could be opened.

In an appearance NCB’s Today Show, Osteen gives as their reasons as to why the doors weren’t opened sooner.  See if you can catch the underlying issue with his statement:

Let’s go just a smidgen deeper into the theological realm suspending Orthodox understanding of the Gospel and put on the Word of Faith (WoF)/Health and Wealth/Prosperity non-gospel’s lens.

Why Didn’t Joel Speak to the Storm and Tell It To Go Away?

A cornerstone teaching of the WoF non-gospel is that your faith is a force, that your words are a container for that force and that their god must honor what it is you demand or declare.  You want a bigger house?  Start speaking it in faith.  Would you like a better job?  Say it out loud.  New car, caviar, four star daydream – think I’ll buy me a football team – because of my faith!

This begs the question – if these folks can speak to their circumstances –  and their god must listen to them – then why didn’t good ole’ Joel just speak enough volunteers into existence?  Why not say “rain, rain, go away – come back some other day?”

He couldn’t because his theology is wrong.  This theology does not have the power to save anyone.

Lest you think I’m getting carried away, you should check out Gloria Copeland’s outlandish claim that we should be “Weathermen or Weather Women.”

Snared by his Own Words

If you allow a liar to speak long enough they will eventually trip up over their own lies exposing the truth of their motive.  Over the last 20 years Osteen has become a con-man master speaking to millions of people leading them astray by horrible misapplication of scripture.

Now, displayed before the entire world, Osteen has revealed that the non-gospel he has used to build a multi-million dollar home and meeting space has no power to help any person at all.  If he can’t even lead by example changing Texas’ circumstances with words of great faith, how can you trust this plan of salvation to take you to heaven?

Please understand that I am not attempting to smear this man’s character.  I’m sure he is a fine husband and father; but that means nothing if he is driving a wedge between the world and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Millions need to hear the true saving message of Christ’s love and forgiveness.  But that is not coming from the pulpit of Lakewood Church.

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