There is no doubt that technology has been a huge blessing to man.  The ability to be in contact with anyone, virtually anywhere in the world at any time has provided a great opportunity to maintain contact with distant relatives and friends.

With the many blessings, there are also many curses.  The most devastating of which is the disconnectedness often present in most families, circles of friends and public events.  If one scans a restaurant it is not uncommon to see a family sitting at a table together not talking but playing on their phones.  Research has shown that the mear presence of a cell phone causes shallow and superficial conversations to take place preventing true connection between human beings.

This sad state of affairs will have a massive impact on the culture as we advance technologically the full effect of which may not be known for many years to come.  It’s imperative for us to remove ourselves from the online world of entertainment and engage with those around us – especially our children.

Enter Todd Friel, host of Wretched Radio and TV, who decided to encourage a new father about the tender moments of early parenthood.  In recounting a conversation with a young pastor whose daughter had recently been born, Friel had this to say:

Dad, just drink in every moment.  You will look back on this season and go ‘Ah, those were sweet days – hard days, laborious days – but sweet times with your baby girl.  So I encouraged him ‘if you ever have the choice between your cell phone and [your daughter] take her every time.  Every single time.  Put that stupid thing down and give attention to your child.

Friel points out that we are all guilty of engulfing ourselves in a digital world while neglecting the larger and more important duties of interaction.

We’ve got a big problem with these dumb cell phones of ours; they’re to be tools

No doubt he meant phones can be used as a tool to share the Gospel and help in emergency situations.  However, when your children grow up would you rather they recall how important they felt when you stopped all that you were doing to simply listen to the details of their day or about how your face was always illuminated with the light of a phone?

Indeed, it is time to put down our stupid cell phones and look up at those around us.  Our world continues on without us and that email can wait just a little longer; you’ve got some important face time with some high priority clients.

Your family.

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