Social media seems to be on a witch hunt as different platforms move to eliminate any discussion about Alex Jones and his permanent ban from their outlets.

Paul Joseph Watson, editor-at-large of received a timeout from Twitter for sharing a seemingly innocuous post showing his followers the video which sparked Twitters response to ban Alex Jones permanently:


It seems that ultimately the desire is to have a media that is too afraid to question alternative viewpoints which are not held by the liberal elite and to shut down any alternative positions not held by Socialists and Marxists.

Watson also states that:

Silicon Valley and mainstream media are working hand in hand to silence competing voices.  This is clearly harmful to the very spirit of the First Amendment and must be stopped now.  Social media is the public square.  It’s time it was legally treated that way.

He also told Breitbart News that “this is clearly corporate media working in cahoots with Big Tech to silence it’s competition once again.”

Sympathizers or employees of Alex Jones and Infowars aren’t the only ones feeling the wrath.  Shortly after Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, and Apple removed a great deal of Infowars shows, the H3 podcast was shut down during their live stream for simply mentioning the Alex Jones‘ situation and defending Youtube’s step of eliminating the Infowars channel.

Twitter’s decision was based upon numerous complaints they had received after footage of a confrontation which Alex Jones had with CNN journalist Oliver Darcy was broadcast live on Periscope Thursday.

Darcy, who has lobbied social media platforms to shut down conservative profiles like Infowars, was speechless as Jones told him he “had the eyes of a rat” and that he [Darcy] was “smiling like a possum that crawled out of the rear end of a dead cow.”

After working to ensure right-leaning Infowars would be silenced, Darcy then claimed that the very censorship toward which he was working was “false.”

Jones didn’t hurl only insults but filled the nearly fifteen minutes with facts about the lies CNN and other mainstream media outlets filter to the public.  Watch the video to see and hear the facts of CNN’s lies:

Social media giants have taken upon themselves to be not only the arbiters of truth but the ones who define both nice speech, hate speech, or false speech which all fall into the category of disagreement with their views.

Please continue to pray that voices will not be silenced and that the Gospel flourishes in these times of persecution against our God-given rights.

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