Blue-collar workers are by and large increasingly optimistic when it comes to their current social circumstances according to a new survey conducted by the Harris Poll.

An Express Employment commissioned survey found that 85 percent of workers said that their lives were moving in the “right direction”, 69 percent said their local communities are on the right path and 58 percent view their states on a positive course.  When asked if the workers thought that the American economy was on the right track, 49 percent said that it was.

Further questions reveal that 55 percent of these workers approve of the job President Trump is doing on stimulation jobs in the economy.

This is quite a jump considering that former President Obama was less than optimistic about the future of the country under Trump’s then future plans.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The poll found 51 percent of blue-collar workers believe the country is heading in the right direction, a figure 12-percentage points higher than the 39 percent recorded amongst all Americans in a similar July Harvard-Harris Poll.

Overall, 55 percent of blue-collar Americans expressed they were better off today compared with five years ago.

Not only are blue-collar workers bullish about their current economic situation, they are also upbeat about the future. The survey found that 80 percent of blue-collar workers are optimistic about the future, with over one-third stating they were “very optimistic.”

Among those with children, 88 percent of respondents indicated they believed their children were likely to attain a better future. This stands in stark contrast to data collected by the Pew Research Center in 2017, which showed only 37 percent of Americans believing their children would grow up to be better off financially.

In July 2018, the economy added 37,000 manufacturing jobs, boosting the total number created in the sector in the past 12 months to 327,000—the fastest rate of growth in 23 years. Likewise, the construction industry has added over 308,000 jobs in the past year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The soaring economy, buoyed by the president’s tax cut package, has also translated into increased wages and bonuses for the American worker.
Over two-thirds of blue-collar workers—68 percent—reported receiving a pay increase in the past year, according to the Harris Poll. Of those who received a pay increase, 39 percent of respondents stated their raise equaled more than 5 percent of their annual earnings.
Despite the strong economic optimism found among blue-collar Americans, the group as a whole holds low opinions of elected officials and partisan politics.

Approximately 70 percent of the poll’s respondents expressed distrust in “elected government officials” and only 51 percent said the federal government advocates pro-business policies. On the topic of partisan affiliation, 39 percent said the Republican Party did a better job of helping blue-collar workers, compared with 36 percent who said the same of the Democratic Party. Almost one in four believed neither party did a sufficient job of helping blue-collar Americans.

Led by Kellyanne Conway, President Trump performed better amount blue-collar workers in the 2016 election than previous republican victors.

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