Is climate change truly to blame for the early spring weather we see all across the nation?  Maybe, maybe not – but those who believe in man made climate change are getting really worked up.

A great majority of eastern states have been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures here in the years shortest month of February.

The US Geological Survey has produced a set of maps displaying the start of the early “spring season across the country using models called the Spring Leaf and Bloom Indices.”

Stated differently, these maps are based on plant events.  With leaves appearing on trees and flowers blooming it signals the early end to bitter winters.  From across the fruited plains warmer temperatures, little leaves on trees and the appearance of flower buds help to chart these changes and revealed early springs from two to three weeks earlier than was has been reported in the past.

Who is going to complain about the warm weather in February?  The same folks who claim it is freezing outside in the winter and way to hot in the summer.  Too rainy in the spring and…well, I don’t think anyone complains about the fall.

Though it is nice this could pose a problem for the ecosystem by disrupting the relationship between flowers, the birds and the bees a bigger and more nefarious issue is at work.  Here is where the climate change believers try to make people feel bad for enjoying a bit of premature warmth.

In a Vox article, the author tries to throw a guilt trip on mankind.  Observe:

Now, the churlish thing to do would be to point out that these early springs are also harbingers of much more drastic changes to come — global warming, melting ice caps, flooded coastal cities, hellish heat waves, droughts, and much more.

Everyone is always trying to find a cause for which to fight.  Young folks are looking to be the progenitors of the next civil rights movement.  Climate change is one of those “causes” that youngins’ can get themselves worked up about.

Unfortunately for them – and everyone that has to listen to their incessant jibber-jabber – climate change is just not true.  Well, it is, but not like the man-made climate change believers would have you believe.

The most obvious statement is yes, the earth’s climate has increased in temperature by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit in nearly 116 years.  There is no scientific evidence that proves empirically that CO2 has caused the increase or that “greenhouse gases” are the culprit.

What of the claim that the concentrations of gases have increased since the Industrial Revolution?  Well, that has been debunked. Yes – debunked.

Michael Mann studied the temperatures over a period of 1,000 years starting with the Industrial Revolution and charting his findings in the shape of a hockey stick.  (If you’ll remember the stretch of a documentary by Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth he used this model as did the United Nations’s Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC).

With the advent of this study, environmentalists hopped on the political band wagon riding it like stolen horse into the sunset.  Blame was shifted to those horrible capitalists, industrialization and a massive influx of motor vehicles.

However, over 31,000 scientists signed a petition opposing this model and many others resigned from the IPCC due to the perpetuation of the greenhouse gas lie.

As Michael Makabenta Alunan noted:

Facts don’t follow theory. In the Global Warming Swindle documentary, earth’s history shows climate changed, contrary to the unscientific propaganda that an increase in CO2 leads to global warming, followed by climate change. Prof. Philip Stott of University of London noted that when humans were not yet producing CO2, we had little ice ages and warm periods. In the 14th century, Europe was in a Little Ice Age, as shown by illustrations of ice fairs and people skating on the Thames River. In the medieval period, England had a warm climate, as manifested in the writings of English poet Chaucer and the memories to this day of historic sites in England like vineyards, Vine Hill, Vine Street, Vinery, etc.

With the turn of the 19th century, temperatures rose slightly.  If the industrialization scenario was true, what about the economic boom after WWII?  Alunan continues:

At the turn of the 19th century, temperatures rose by almost half- percent Celsius, but during the post- World War II economic boom up to 1975, they dropped even when CO2 rose to their peaks with industrialization, thus negating the global- warming scare theory.

So even after the massive increase of production in the middle century CO2 temperatures actually declined.

Not only is the science debunk the man-made model but one of former President Barack Obama’s scientists, Dr. John J. Bates has revealed that climate change numbers were doctored and timed to influence the Paris agreement on climate change.

If there is so much science behind the studies, why would they need to be doctored?  As we saw in the Climategate scandal emails exposing the man made climate change believers goal to cover up temperature drops in order to continue pushing the big lie.

All in all the discussion needs to be completely overhauled and reoriented in a new direction – towards Christ.  Man does not impact the thermometer for the entire planet but we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the creation as God has commanded us to be (Genesis 1:15).

God’s mandate to till the ground, subdue and rule over all creation is the reason we should take care of our earth.  This world is not ours, but we are still responsible to take care of it and all of the beautiful creations of our Savior.

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