Everywhere, USA – The early exit polls indicate a particularly increased desire by voters in this election – people want a strong leader.

This is good news for the Trump campaign, since a bedrock of their platform has been built on strength and confidence for our nation going forward.

From Politico:

Asked what characteristic is most important for the next president, 36 percent of voters say they want a “strong leader,” 29 percent want “a vision for the future,” 16 percent want someone who “cares about people like me” and another 16 percent said they want someone who “shares my values.”

The high percentage of voters looking for a strong leader is double the amount who had the same sentiment in the 2012 election.

Although the first polling centers won’t close until 6 p.m. EST, this one statistic is promising for a solid victory by Donald Trump.  Being derided for his conviction behind his platform has not deterred the republican candidate or those who support him.  They believe our country needs one who is an unabashed champion for the values of America.

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Source: Politico

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