It’s just a normal day at the office, you know, where you play with massive exotic cats that could kill you in a split second.  That’s what almost happened to Eduardo Serio, founder of Mexico City’s Jaguar White Tiger Foundation.

He was lounging around, patting the bellies and scratching the backs of six huge kitty cats when Dharma the leopard decided to pounce.  But Aztlan the tiger wasn’t going to sit idly by and allow that to occur.

As the video shows, Dharma was creeping up on Eduardo and Aztlan immediately notices and goes from relaxation to pounce.  While the leopard was in mid-air the protective tiger leapt from the ground, knocking some sense into the mischievous feline.

Dharma received a good scolding while Aztlan was welcomed with pats and a “Gracias.”

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation was started when Eduardo Serio heard that a pet store in Monterrey, Mexico was attempting to sell a black jaguar for the purpose of drugging it and having it pose for photographs, creating a source of income, the website reports.

“The Foundation is about changing people’s attitudes and perceptions about all animals,” describes the website. And “is rooted in the belief that education can start a revolution; a revolution about Love and Respect for all living beings.”

Watch the video and see just how close he came to becoming leopard lunch.

Source: The Huffington Post

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