Republican Mary Matalin threw down with Democrat Van Jones over his viral “white-lash” accusation he let fly Tuesday when voters elected GOP nominee Donald Trump president — and things soon got heated between the political strategists.

Matalin told Jones on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” Sunday that he should repudiate his “white-lash” comments, adding that, “if you don’t, you’re wrong.” Matalin also said that focusing on the “toxic stuff” isn’t the “path for progressives.”

Amid comments to the contrary, Matalin’s body language spoke volumes:


But then Jones spoke up and defended his comments: “I said — and I stand by it — I said that race was a part … that alt-right part … of a white-lash. And if you listen the whole quote, you’d agree with what I said, so I don’t take that back.”

Matalin shot back, telling Jones, “I did listen, and at the end you said, ‘What do I tell the kids?’ What I would tell your kids: ‘I’m a black man in America who went to Yale, who’s written books, who served a president.”

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