CNN’s Chris Cuomo has made an alarming statement about the Wikileaks releases over the past week declaring that we learn everything from “them” the mainstream media.

There are no elections in modern history that are exposing the media bias as clearly or obviously as this current one.  What we see before our eyes now is the continued desire to create what George Orwell’s 1984 called “The Ministry of Truth.”  The goal of MoT was historical revisionism which allowed the flow of information and history to always conform to the Party’s line.

Don’t think that’s possible?  Look no further than CNN’s Chris Cuomo who states that “it’s illegal” for us – the American public – to possess the “stolen” emails being released.  Yet the media is higher and more mighty than we, the insignificant dumb population.

According to Cuomo it’s “different” for the media to possess and evidently interpret the information for the unsuspecting population.

This is a brazen statement and seems almost like a warning to anyone who ventures into the data goldmine that Wikileaks has provided.  One wonders what Cuomo would say if the emails were impacting the Trump campaign rather then the Clinton team.

The mainstream media has always attempted to control the narrative by interpreting the evidence in a way that spins towards the progressive left.  With the advent of the alternative media, the rise of conservative television networks, podcasts, and websites – like The Breakdown, the media is running mad trying to retain their once imperial media oligarchy.

The truth will win!

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