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Freaky Friday Episodes

Freaky Friday

Quantum Wholeness Meditation w/ Cristine Price, Ph.D

Hour 1 Aaron opens the show with his thoughts on the way we think and what can be done to raise the frequency of our thoughts. Not how often we think, but the vibrations of the types of thoughts we are thinking. The Bible tells us that we are to...

Freaky Friday

Finding Our Soul Tribes with Rainey Highley

Have you ever met someone and you just click? Or maybe been repelled by a person? Multi-bestselling author, life coach, and Soul Tribe Teacher and Guide, Rainey Highley, joins us on this episode of Freaky Friday to tell us her understanding of our...

Freaky Friday

59 Years of Alien Iteractions with Dave Emmons

59 Years of Alien Iteractions with Dave Emmons Tonight we welcome Dave Emmons, author of "They: What Do They Want? A True Story About 59 years of Interactions" from Hangar 1 Publishing. As a child, Dave Emmons had his first contact with aliens...