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The Breakdown: Forced Cafe Closures, Prepping and Suffering Well

We are facing another round of shutdowns in the United States.  There are many businesses all over the nation who are staying open regardless of their governors demands.  One local shop in Kentucky has lost their license from the board of health and...

Bible Theology

The Breakdown: Speaking the Truth in Love, Conversion Therapy vs. Biblical Counseling, and Marriage Advice

What does it mean to "speak the truth in love"?  Some see it as weakness, otherse see it as always calling out sin.  What is the Biblical process?  What does it look like in real-time? Conversion therapy is not Biblical Counseling - there is a big...

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Breaking Down The Importance of Discretion

Are we blowing it when we talk to other about politics and social issues?  How can we be more loving but still stand up for righteousness?  When certain topics come up, they alienate some of those we should be reaching for the Gospel.  We work through...