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How Did He Land That Plane?

A dude lands a plane on a highway - but why? Fireworks are fun, but they can be dangerous. Plenty of silly mistakes are made on the Fourth of July. No one died, but it makes for great show content. Do gun laws really work? What the death of...

Weekend Show

Never Reboot Your Computer At the Start of the Show

The show has moved to Saturday's, and it's now live! Today was the maiden voyage of the new time slot, and Bryan decided to reboot his PC with five minutes remaining before the show started. Not the best of ideas, but Aaron is a self-trained broadcast...

Weekend Show

Overdrive! More of your #SoundOffs and Random Thoughts

We were having such a great time on the show, we went on for another hour. We discuss what music we were allowed to listen to growing up, Ron DeSantis and the Stop WOKE Act signed into law. Is this an overstepping of the government? What is free...

Weekend Show

The 90s Was The Best Decade of Music...Ever

Digging into the chum bucket, we find a staff house on Yellowstone that couldn't stand the strength of the floodwaters. We then turn our attention to the historic news that Roe v. Wade has been overturned. It is something to celebrate - but not gloat...

Weekend Show

Ready Made Beef Jerky

The production team for Stephen Colbert's show was arrested for violent insurrection at a US congressional building. Not really, but it could be true! Aaron and Bryan discuss the heat and the sudden death of cows. A Nobel Prize winning psychologist...