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In 2016 Fox News Business Report called Pastor Carl Gallups one of the top-five most influential evangelical leaders in America.

Pastor Carl Gallups has been the senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida since 1987. He is an internationally acclaimed Amazon TOP-60 best selling author of numerous books, a ghostwriter and contributing author for several other renowned bestselling authors, and was a conservative radio talk show host from 2002-2021 on two Gulf Coast AM stations and two Gulf Coast FM stations. He was the host of two shows – Ask the Preacher with Pastor Carl Gallups, and Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups – the Oval Office of Gulf Coast Talk Radio. Currently, Ask the Preacher still airs on 1620 AM and 92.3 FM on the Gulf Coast (9-10 AM ET).

Pastor Gallups was also a former decorated Florida law enforcement officer for almost eleven years, having served with two different sheriff’s offices under three different sheriff’s administrations. He was the recipient of the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award – twice – once in each of the two sheriff’s offices, and the recipient of a Commendation of Valor for risking his life in the line of duty as well as two commendations of Meritorious Service in the Line of Duty. He was also given an award by a regional chapter of the NAACP for risking his life in the line of duty after going into a burning apartment complex to pull several occupants out to safety. Carl was Florida’s very first 18-year-old Corrections Officer with the Florida Dept. of Corrections. In some of the last years of his law enforcement oriented career he served as the Assistant to the Administrator of the Bureau of Admissions and Release Authority with the Florida Dept. of Corrections Central Office Headquarters at Tallahassee, FL.

Carl is a graduate of Florida State University (B.Sc. Criminology), The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div. – Emphasis in Theology, and Greek & Hebrew Studies), and the Florida Law Enforcement Officer Training Academy (including several law enforcement techniques and criminal/forensics investigations specialty training courses). Carl serves on the Board of Regents with the University of Mobile, in Mobile, Alabama – since 2000. Carl once served as Mohammed Ali’s personal LE bodygaurd for a day in his role of Deputy Sheriff. He also was invited by Pat Boone to appear with Pat, and his wife Shirley, on Pat’s live TBN show in the main studios at Costa Mesa, CA. Carl also opened the Donald Trump for President Rally in Pensacola, FL in January 2016 at request of the Trump campaign’s Florida representatives. This was then-candidate Trump’s very first Florida Rally. He was deputized, in 2016, as a Special Deputy by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, formerly of the Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff’s Office.

Carl is a frequent guest on numerous renowned national and international television and radio programs. He is also a popular Bible and Prophecy conference speaker. Carl has preached and taught crusades, Bible conferences, Church services – on three continents and in four nations (Israel, Canada, USA, Peru). His USA preaching includes Alaska, Hawaii, California, New York, all over the South East, as well as in Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah, Missouri, Arizona, and Texas. He has preached from Long Island, NY to Honolulu, Hawaii. His Canadian preaching includes the Provinces of Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia – in the cities of Toronto, Calgary, Kamloops, Cochran, and Vancouver. He has preached all over the city of Lima and the district of Comas Peru, in numerous churches, crusades, and Bible conferences.

Carl has also preached in national and international Youth Evangelism and Discipleship Conferences all over the US and Canada, several of them with well over 3,000 to 5,000 in attendance. One conference was preached in tandem with Josh McDowell of Campus Crusade for Christ, at Ridgecrest North Carolina.

CARL SAYS: My passion in life is to faithfully advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, equipping believers to be faithful ambassadors of that Kingdom work. We are living in the most profoundly prophetic times since the first coming of Jesus Christ. I am striving to wake up the church-at-large to this biblical truth.

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